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Interactive Periodic Table

Utah Education Network


Try Science

Try Science offers a large collection of interactive experiments, field trips, and adventures. The collection spans the course of scientific genre covering many key scientific concepts. Each activity is engaging and informative. Students absolutely love this site. Activities such as "Got Gas?" are a natural draw for kids. You will not be disappointed in the lessons and activities this site has to offer.

National Geographic Kids

Want to learn about animals, nature, and people and places? Well this site has it all! It has a vast amount of videos, activities, and games that will keep students actively engaged for hours. Very informative and engaging site that will add to any lesson or activity.

Science Kids

This site has a large collection of interactive science games focusing on living things, physical processes, and solids, liquids, and gases. Each activity not only gives the student valuable information, but also provides interaction and the opportunity to put the knowledge to use. Activities such as electricity circuits not only gives the student the opportunity to learn about circuits, but it also allows them to build a virtual circuit.


Plant Basics

Plants are important to all life on earth. They are capable of producing their own food and they provide food for other living organisms. The following resources include information on plant cells, photosynthesis, and even some animal eating plants.


Human Anatomy

One of the most popular topics in biology is the anatomy of the human body. Learning how the body works can be fascinating and fun. These resources provide basic information on several organs and body systems.